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What is RCRT? 


RCRT is a charity foundation which originates and finances impactful projects around the world, focused on children’s education, healthcare and support.


UK registered charity number: 1157435


Who runs RCRT? 


We are a team of seven, mostly based out of London, UK, from different cultural and professional backgrounds: Ben Barnett, Patrick Chautard, Alberto Garrone, Lorenzo Guidi, Manila RainòJoost Schellens and Sonja Schemmann.


How is RCRT funded?


100% of RCRT’s costs are covered by team members: 100% of donations raised through personal contributions or fundraising events are applied to selected, impactful projects.


How to contact RCRT?


If you’d like to suggest a project to fund or just get in touch:

p.s. What does RCRT stand for? 


RCRT stands for Royal China Round Table, a tribute to our original reunion format.

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