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Project Name:   Butterfly Effect Program

Charity Partner:  Salam LADC

Program date:   2017 & 2018

Status:  Completed

Funds raised:  $83,000


The Butterfly Effect Program provides education and assistance to the Syrian refugee children and their families, who are displaced in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

Despite the generous Lebanese efforts, the promise of providing public education for all Syrian refugees in the country is far from being fulfilled; in the Bekaa Valley region in particular, only ca. 30% of the young in school age are attending classes and are at risk of becoming a ‘lost generation’.

RCRT is partnering with Salam LADC, to fund the education programme carried out at the Butterfly Effect Center, with the objective of helping 300 children to catch up with the lost curriculum, to ‘learn-to-learn’ and - at the end of the year - to successfully enrol in the public education system.

The Butterfly Effect’s innovative approach, combines direct, hands-on learning with teacher-led, screen-based activities - including computer coding - designed to foster accelerated learning.

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