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Project Name:  Hello Hubs Online Learning Uganda

Charity Partner: Hello World

Program date:  2020 - 21

Status: Completed

Funds deployed:   £60,000

Hello World Hello World builds solar powered, internet enabled, education hubs in marginalised communities. Each hub provides unlimited free internet access for over 1,000 people through multiple terminals and WiFi, enabling out-of-school children to learn, connect and play. This innovative and highly scalable approach could be game changing, and its potential is yet to be fully sized.

RCRT has partnered with HW to fund and support the research needed to measure and document - to the best possible standards - the impact Hello Hubs are having in their communities.

At the same time, on the practical side, this project has provided vocational skills for girls, various mentoring and training programs and ultimately helped to build and activate new hubs in rural Uganda.

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