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Project Name:   Medical Relief in Syria

Charity Partner:  Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)

Program date:   2016

Status:  Completed

Funds raised:  $124,000



During these terrible times, SAMS provides medical relief to the Syrian people through their specialized facilities.  With more than 80% of Syrian hospitals either destroyed or abandoned, children and pregnant women face dramatic situations on a daily basis.

RCRT is partnering with SAMS, to entirely fund the operations carried out at SAMS’ paediatric facility in Idlib (for a 12-month period), where thousands of children and women are treated every year.  In addition, after several Polio-free years, Syria has recently seen an outbreak of this dangerous and highly contagious disease, so the facility will also serve as a base for the whole region (north-western Syria) for implementing a Polio vaccination campaign for all children under 5 years.

Find here the full project progress report

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