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Project Name:   The SCT Clinic in Nepal

Charity Partner:  The Swinfen Charitable Trust, UK

Program date:   2012-13

Status:  Completed

Funds raised (ca.):  $16,000



The Swinfen Charitable Trust ("SCT") is a UK registered, non-governmental charity. SCT was set up by Lord and Lady Swinfen in 1998 with the aim of assisting poor, sick and disabled people in the developing world by linking doctors at hospitals in the developing world with leading medical and surgical voluntary consultants who generously give free advice.

SCT has also been active in building emergency medical clinics/camps in areas where transportation and communication means make it impossible for local population to have access to basic healthcare assistance.

RCRT provided funding to build a new clinic, inaugurated in 2013, giving access to healthcare facilities to few small villages in the Khalte region in Nepal, high in the Himalayan mountains, where local people are regularly subject to outbreaks of life threatening diseases.



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