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Project Name:   Primary Education Nepal

Charity Partner:  United World School

Program date:   2018 - 19

Status:  Completed

Target funding (ca.):  $ 105,000



This project enabled the provision of primary education to children in three remote and marginalised communities (Khamare, Hedangnagadi and Tellok, all in the Sankhuwasabha District) in Eastern Nepal.

For the first time, the three primary schools that were built are allowing 100-200 children from each village to gain a basic education.

More than 400 children aged 3-14 are already enrolled in grades 1-5; going forward, we expect enrolment to rise up to 900-1,000 children as we increase the number of grades to 5 years. Additionally, at least three adults (one from each community) have been trained as community teachers and are receiving a fair salary.

RCRT has partnered with UWS to fund the construction, the set-up and first year operations of each school. Now the schools are partnered with more affluent schools around the world in order to provide continued financial sustainability.

Find here the full project progress report

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