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Project Name:   GRS Leadership Program

Charity Partner:  Grassroot Soccer, Zimbawe

Program date:   2012-2013

Status:  Completed

Funds raised (ca.):  $ 74,480



Grassroot Soccer (“GRS”) is a charitable organization which uses the power of sport to educate and inspire young people to live healthy and productive lives. GRS trains local role models such as soccer players, teachers and community leaders to deliver an interactive AIDS prevention and life skills curriculum to at-risk youth.

GRS Leadership Program was aimed at developing a new generation of young leaders in Zimbabwe by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and support needed by youth in the Bulawayo region to become change agents in their communities.

The Program successfully trained 12 GRS coaches aged 18-30 years, enabling them to become role models for their peers, in addition to their students, and inspire others to work hard in pursuit of a better life.

Find here the full project progress report

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